7500 Prize Bond Result Discontinued

7500 Prize Bond Result Discontinued

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7500 Prize Bond The government of Pakistan and the SBP have introduced this prize bond scheme for people who save their earnings and want to invest them in a scheme that is not only safe but also gives them a chance to win.

Buyers can benefit a lot from buying prize bonds of their choice. You need to visit the official website of the State Bank of Pakistan to know about different types of prize bonds, lottery schedule 2021, and prize bond results.

National Saving Prize Bond Detail 2021

7500 Draw Number # 88 you can see the result of the list online. The draw for 7500 Lucky Draw No. 88 is to be held on 01 November 2021 in Multan. You can get the full update on this from our site vigorinfo We can check the full and latest lottery of 7500 prize bonds online. Also, check the results of the 7500 Prize Bond List dated 01 November 2021 as per the schedule provided by the National Bank of Pakistan. The first prize of Rs. Seven thousand five hundred prize bonds and the second prize of Rs. 5,000,000 to the three lucky winners. The last and third prize of 7500 prize bonds is given to 1696 winners. They cost 93,000 Pakistani rupees.

7500 Prize Bond Result 2021 Result

The Ministry of Finance, State Bank of Pakistan, and CDNS promote the Bond Scheme, so people are not afraid of wasting their money, and there are no deductions or charges on buying and selling prize bonds. Financial experts have extensive knowledge and share important information about prize bonds online, so people need to follow them to join the prize bond draw. When buying any prize bond, you do not need any documents but pay to buy the prize bond of your choice. If you buy a Prize Bond 7500, you are more likely to win big prizes in the first, second or third place.

Rs 15,000/ Rs 7500 Prize Bonds draw Discontinued

Nowadays Rs15,000/ and Rs 7500 Prize Bonds draw denomination National prize Bonds is Discontinued w.e.f on 28-04-2021 vide Finance Division’s Notification no.16(1)BS/2021-750-751 dated on 28-04-2021.No further draw shall be held hereafter.

Prize Bond Information

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