Premium Bonds Application form Terms and Conditions

Premium Bonds Application Form Terms and Conditions

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  1. 1. This scheme operates under the Premium Prize Bonds (Registered) Rules 2017.
    2. All payments (as the case may be) regarding the prize money, profit, and cost will be credited to the IBAN provided by the applicants in this application form. Any change in the account number, the applicant will notify the bank immediately.
    3. The IBAN provided by the applicant must be in his name and cannot belong to another person.
    4. The information provided by the applicant in this application form shall be deemed correct and complete by the bank. In case of concealment of any false information or incorrect details or facts of any kind, the applicant shall be liable. Will be stopped
    5. The signatures of the applicants should be following the CNIC / SNIC provided.
    6. Bond transfers will be available only to individual investors. Payment will pay no dividends for the period from the date of transfer or issuance of the bonds before the expiration of the six months or the date of the last return paid. The transfer of prize bonds from one person to another will be allowed only after the settlement of the outstanding prize money in the registered investor’s account. Upon transfer of the title, the transfer will relinquish all its claims in terms of principal, profit, and reward amount (if any).
    7. Currency Transaction Report (CTR) / Suspicious Transaction Report (STR) will be applicable following the relevant rules.
    8. The applicant must certify any cutting/overwriting / masturbation with complete signatures as per CNIC / SNIC. Further, you will not accept application forms with more than two cuttings / overwriting.
    9. I / We have read and understood the terms mentioned above and conditions and will abide by the relevant rules and regulations in letter and spirit.

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