Fungal Acne Natural Treatment at Home

Fungal Acne Natural Treatment at Home

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Fungal Acne Natural Treatment at Home:Fungal acne is a common problem these days. Many young people suffer from acne. Everyone has fungal acne on their face, what they should do, what product should they use, I even get the text that suggests some home remedies for fungal acne, so today the video is for those who live in. First, there is the problem of fungal acne.

In today’s article I will share with you what is fungal acne, what causes fungal acne and what we should and should not do after having fungal acne. Can we get rid of fungal acne at home? And here are some free home remedies. I hope that if you follow these tips, your fungal acne will be reduced.

The real name of the fungal acne is Malassezia folliculitis. Most people do not know if they have fungal acne or not, so I have shared a picture. These types of small spots are fungal acne. On the cheeks or cheeks we will now know what the reason is for this. Usually when yeast grows in our body, it causes mold. Bread / Pizza This kind of tasty food increases the amount of yeast in the body. This causes fungus to grow in different parts of our body.

Some people use these crappy things, but why am I still getting it? For them, I would like to say that there are other reasons for using this type of skin care product which closes the pores and sometimes we wear tight clothing which gives extra sweat which is yeast. It also causes problems related to Fungal pimples can appear anywhere on the body or face. Now we will discuss what you should avoid if you have fungal pimples.

How to Get Rid Of Fungal Acne?

First of all we have to avoid fermented foods even though we have to avoid products / habits that increase dryness and there are some ingredients that are responsible for mildew acne so we have to take care of our used skin. The product must be made to ensure that these ingredients are not present.Carrier oils / fatty acids / esters / poly syrups are responsible for these ingredients so to avoid them we have to make sure that you also avoid all types of facial oils.

Fungal Acne Natural way Treatment at Home

  1. Your skin needs to be thoroughly cleansed in 24 hours. You need to clean your face twice with face wash and make sure not to clean your face with dirty hands. Do not contact Keep it clean carefully۔
  2. After cleansing the face every night, rub natural raw honey on the face for 5 to 10 minutes. It keeps the skin clean. It also smoothes the skin, but it should be 100% natural. Make sure that there is no sugar in the honey. No water I used honey from Khaleesha flower or honey from any flower but make sure it is organic.
  3. Use an organic rose water. Make sure to spray on your face 2/3 times a day, keep it in the freezer and make sure it is fresh before reuse.
  4. Take warm a water and then put a green Tea add some cinnamon & add Ceylon cinnamon keep it 2 hours and then massage it for 20 mint.
  5.  Take aloe Vera gel add Green Tea Next add tea tree oil mix them well use it regularly to clean your face store it two week.
  6.  Next Remedy is Honey massage to make this we need: Ceylon Cinnamon It was anti-Fungal Properties.
  7.  It removes fungal acne. Take some raw Honey moisturize Nourish our skin add Ceylon cinnamon keep it 2 hours and then massage it for 20 mint.
  8. Take hotwater and a fresh towel. Now checkered this condensation with the help of your hand. You need to see how much steam you can take now. With the help of this towel, this steam will open the holes of our skin. Cleaning and Moisturizing Stage We need rose water and a cotton bottle for cleaning and moisturizing.
  9. Eat healthy, eat a healthy and balanced diet. Food and drinking more water than usual.
  10. Do not scrub your face,do not touch the pimples and do not think of breaking the pimples.
  11. Get rid of stress and get a good night’s sleep.

Homemade Fungal Acne face mask

Filler Earth has oil-absorbing properties that help reduce pimples and acne, as well as an exfoliating agent that removes dead skin cells. Kills the bacteria that produce it. Honey has a moisturizing agent. Its smooth and thick texture makes our skin shiny and soft. Rose water helps to hydrate our skin. Now if you are going to sleep. If so, let this paste dry well, so that you dry it well so that it does not spread,after waking up in the morning, wash it with water, you will see that this paste will help a lot in your pores.

Homemade Fungal Acne face mask

Fungal Acne Natural Treatment 2nd methed

The second optional treatment we will take 1/2 tablespoon of nutmeg powder for which you grind nutmeg first 1 tablespoon sandalwood powder 2-3 drops of tea tree oil and rose water to make a paste now mix all these ingredients together And make a fine paste, Now your paste is ready.Now spread over it on your affected part andlet it dry. After applying it overnight, wash it off with clean water in the morning. I have inflammation and inflammation. Anti-microbial properties that reduce pimple spots Sandalwood powder is a soothing ingredient that refreshes our skin and prevents it from becoming acne again. Kills the bacteria that cause it and reduces pimples.

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