Perineal Massage hurts during Pregnancy

Perineal Massage hurts during Pregnancy

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Perineal Massage hurts In this article, we will talk about PRENATAL massage today. What is a Perineal Massage? From 34 weeks onwards, it is a good idea to start doing some perennial massages to prepare for the birth of your baby. Your perineum is a triangular muscle that sits between your vagina and your back. During pregnancy, your baby needs stretching to make room for massage. I can help the muscles stretch more easily and reduce your risk of rupture.

Perineal Massage hurts during Pregnancy

Other things that can help reduce the risk of rupture are to use a hot compress during the second phase of labor. Because the baby’s head is moving, your midwife may ask your permission to put it on. To ensure that the baby’s head is born slowly and if you plan to deliver in water, the midwife can’t place her hand on the baby’s head and place her hand on your head and guide. The baby’s head is out for delivery, and because of this, if you choose to give birth to a baby with water, your risk of developing a miscarriage increase.

There are many reasons why you might want to consider this study, which shows that people who do perennial massage at the end of their pregnancy are less likely to have third- and fourth-degree tears. When you are massaging your pelvic floor muscles, you have a habit of stretching your body.

Massaging or opening a pregnant woman’s vagina to open it is called a PRENATAL massage. It should be started 4 to 6 weeks before birth or usually at 35 weeks of pregnancy, especially when you feel pain in your muscles and uterus. It is safe to start a perennial massage.

Perineal Massage during Pregnancy

How can prenatal massage be done?

  1. First, you want to wash your hands make

Sure they’re clean, ensure your nails are trimmed and smooth.

  1. Next, get into a relaxed position, or you could be in the bath or the shower. Propped up on your bed, you may want to put a towel underneath.
  2. You can also get into a birth position to practice for your labor.
  3. Next, choose oil for perineal massage or natural vegetable oil; my favorite oil is sweet almond oil.
  4. Cautious of using coconut oil, coconut oil has antimicrobial activity, and if you are at risk of yeast infections, this may be something that you want to avoid using.
  5. Next, locate the perineum tissue, which will be between your vagina and your anus here.

Perineal massage at home

  1. We can warm up the area and bring blood to the area by massaging the sides, and then you can either use two fingers, one thumb, or two thumbs and press down in a u-shaped motion you may feel with firm pressure.
  2. If You want to work out any areas of tension or knots, remember to relax your pelvic floor your glutes fully, and practice your deep.
  3. Take deep breaths to prepare for your next birth and do pregnancy exercises and yoga exercises daily.

Vaginal Tearing During Birth

Vaginal opening during pregnancy is a great way of making those tissues more flexible so that when you give birth to your baby, you’re far less likely to experience any vaginal tearing. If you want to decrease the risk of vaginal release and evade operation, Vaginal Tearing will be very useful for you. Lie on your left arm, keep one of your legs in the air and try to reach your legs. If you find it difficult to lie down and stand up, get your partner ready to do so. You can also set a timer on your phone so that they don’t do it too long. Whether your partner is doing a perennial massage for you, or you are. It’s a good idea to have a timer on your phone so that you know that I started this massage this time, and for that time, I can stop now.

Some final tips

  • When you are doing a perennial massage, try to relax.
  • Do not move your upper body, do not stick your jaw or raise your shoulders.
  • Perennial massage is more painful, and you put some music in the background. Some soothing music can reduce the intensity of your pain and make you feel a little calmer when you are doing massage techniques.
  • Just rubbing these tissues helps to increase the blood circulation in this area to help these tissues relax more, you can do this for one to two minutes and once you warm these tissues and you are making your partner feel more comfortable.

Note:  Every birth is unique so talk to your provider about what is best for you and your birth.

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