Top 10 Universities in Pakistan for Software Engineering

Top 10 Universities in Pakistan for Software Engineering

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Top 10 Universities in Pakistan for Software Engineering: One hundred ninety universities and colleges in Pakistan are offering BS Software Engineering. There are many good colleges and universities where you can get admission for higher education if we talk about software engineering universities in Pakistan, particularly the top 10 universities known for their excellent programs and academic excellence.

To choose a university, you must start planning for it before you complete your primary education. The top 10 universities in pakistan below provide excellent programs, research areas, extracurricular activities, extracurricular activities, and much more in the form of affordable fees. So let’s see which are the top 10 universities of software engineering in Pakistan.

First of all, you should go for computer science because software engineering is a sub-field of this CS department. After doing Bachelor in Computer Science, you can go into specific fields, such as Software Engineering, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, etc.

Secondly, as far as I have observed, you should go for the risk of good education in Islamabad as there are three big and good universities in software engineering, CUST, NIST. And Quaid-e-Azam.

Top 10 Universities in Pakistan for Software Engineering

Institute City Fee
COMSATS Islamabad 174000
NIST Islamabad 225400
Balochistan Quetta 16000
The Islamia University Bahawalpur 47800
 University Of Science & Technology Bannu 88600
University Of Agriculture Faisalabad 83600
 Gomal University D.i. Khan 46600
University Of Gujrat Gujrat 70000
 Bahria University islamabad 168000

Top Universities Islamabad

If you are serious about computer science, I went to the top 10 universities listed above. Google loves fast graduates. Remember that the CUST fee is too high. FAST follows this, and the third is NUST in terms of tuition fees. Since Quaid-e-Azam is a government agency, the prices will be very modest, but the CS program will be at the top.

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