YouTube Discord Terms of Service Change 2022

YouTube Discord Terms of Service Change 2022

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YouTube Discord Terms of Service On January 5, 2022, we will update our Terms of Service (“Terms”) to help clarify and make it easier for you to understand what to expect when you use the Service. These changes will not affect the way you use YouTube. You can review a summary of the changes and updated terms here.

More about what to expect We provide more transparency on how we design, improve and update our Service, including these reasons. This includes more details that we make changes and updates and the latest notices that we provide you.

Although our terms are still legal documents, we have made every effort to make them easier to understand. This includes resetting some parts (such as suspending and terminating the account) and resetting others (such as changing this agreement).

YouTube Discord Terms of Service Change 2022

Inclusion of Community Guidelines warning action – YouTube’s use has always been subject to Community Guidelines and its warning action. Still, we now explicitly include strike information from Community Guidelines in terms of increasing transparency. Has been. Community guidelines do not change the way alerts work or when a channel or content may receive warnings.

Make sure you read the Terms Update. If you continue to use YouTube after this date, you agree to the updated terms. Please note that if you allow your child to use YouTube Kids or manage your child’s YouTube usage through Family Link, please take some time to discuss these changes with them.

Google claims that it will give its users more transparency about its design, improvement, and expectations. Youtube will include information on community guidelines strikes in terms of Service. Changes to the Terms of Service are not expected to change the way users use YouTube.

youtube updating our terms of service 2022

The company added that if the user is a publisher, it will be Google’s sole responsibility to inform its users about Rule 5 of the Information Technology Rules of India. News On this issue, they will be asked to provide details of their YouTube accounts to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India.

Users will soon need to make sure that they read YouTube’s updated Terms of Service, along with Google’s Privacy Policy, and apply them to their YouTube videos.

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